And on the sixth day of June, QCWC created the leather jacket. And saw every thing that it had made, and, behold, the fit was very good.

Oh, you want the hard sell?

The Jacket

Made by hand in Los Angeles and constructed from a 1.6mm premium, 100% genuine cow hide and features a silky poly satin lining with heavy-duty YKK hardware and thick cotton ribbing on the cuffs, waist and collar.

You mean the Terminator?
For dessert, the jacket features a clean woven label atop a leather sew down with a quote that reads "When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it".

You ever hear of that dude Steve McQueen?

The Brand

We exist to design and produce staple wardrobe pieces constructed from the best materials and derived from the highest level of thought and attention to detail. Equally important, is that we bring these garments to you at a price that works.

These jackets are built to last throughout the years and improve with age, keeping you both comfortable and confident regardless of trend cycles. Since we have these jackets cut and sewn by hand, we can only make so many and have them delivered to you in a reasonable amount of time.

Can I get an "Amen"?

The Fit

Are you a Tom Cruise body double?
Crazy! Extra Small.

Still look like a JV Point Guard?
Duh! Small.

Just the ole' average Joe?
Boom! Medium.

Someone nickname you "Tiny"?
Aye! Large or Extra Large.

Want to see it on someone?